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Magic of Herbs Is An Alternative Means of To Everyday Solutions. Through Working With The Four Elements and Other Energetic Means, We Offer Solutions To Various Negative Energy and Problems That May Be Causing You Problems.

Court Cases

If you have found yourself in trouble and need an alternative to help you with your situation. We may be able to help you

Energy Work

We have been working with energy for many years and have many pleased clients and great success in our areas of work


If you have found yourself under the spell or duress of an enemy or unknown individual or persons, we may be able to aid you to reverse and or protect you from various forms of attact


Relief For Negative Energy


Magic of herbs offers and provides Prosperity Staffs that can aid you with changing the results of your life and finances.


Magic of Herbs offers Business Staffs and other Alternative Solutions that can aid you with either starting a business or making your current business more successful.


Magic of Herbs has various Alternative Solutions to aid you in ridding your home of negative energy and or attracting positive energy to change your well being.

Ancient Recipes Solutions

Magic of Herbs has been providing help with energy for over 50 years. The art of working with energy is a patient and cumbersome work that takes many years of dedication and successful practice.

Magic – Energy Work has been a passed down art in our family for hundreds of years. We deal with and have dealt with many areas of spell work and offer many solutions. We also incorporate Incense and Spiritual Baths along with our energy work. Depending on your area of needs will be dependent on how much you will be incorporated in to things that you may have to do in addition to the energy work.

Magic of Herbs provides spells or energy work in the following areas but not limited to:

Business – Real Estate – Spiritual Attacks – Home Cleansing – Aiding With Employment – Prosperity – Promotion – Attacks On Your Health – Court Cases – Luck – Sex – Fertility – Curses – Bad Luck & More